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These days, practically even the tiniest of tykes is pled with the fact that 19% of these kids have a credit card And it's no wonder. There are computers in elementary in or her own name and 9% have access to a parent's card schools, computer games, and, of course, there is educational to shop online, adds up to a huge customer base for Internet software marketers. Kids spend a lot of time online, not just at school, but is a portal that claims to serve both Gen Yat home, for social interaction and entertainment. According and Gen X youth. It includes ChickClick(dot)com for young to market researcher Teen Research Unlimited, 62% of women,for young men, Power forteenagers say they log on at home for 4.2 hours a while high school and college students,InsideGuide(dot)com for 46% spend 2.3 hours a week using a computer outside the college students. The portal has inked deals with major home. Teens say they spend most of their online time doing keters,including Sony, Toyota, and Pillsbury. The site also research (72%), sending and reading email (63%), playinghas received a lot of interest from the entertainment (28%), and checking out things to buy or making chases (23%). It seems that traditional market research no longer works with an increasingly diverse and fickle customer ba se . The methods marketer sh ave relied on for decades-perfunctory written and phone surveys-merely skim the surface of the shifting customer profile . Says Larry president of t he Doblin Group. a Chicago-based design and consulting firm: "Th e surveys are nothing more tha n tracking studies designed to measure if customers are a little more or a little lesspleased with you than they were last year."Surely there must be a better way. Wise heads in the arcane worldof customer research are onto s ometh ing called storytelling. Thesefolks advocate far more probing research than ever before, advisingcompanies to elicit real-life stories from c ustomers abou t how theybehave and what th ey truly feel. The notion may seem like a leap intothe unknown . but s ome com panies have discovered that these s tory-telling methods work. Great service and. u ltimately. breakthroughproducts have resulted. Kimberly-Clark built a n ew $500-million dia-per market using in-dept h customer research. GSA Search Engine Ranker | Ultimate Demon Discount | Atomic Email Hunter Coupon